Monday, September 24, 2012

L l - Luau

Our theme this week for the letter "Ll" was Luau! We learned all about the kind of food that is eaten at a Hawaiian Luau such as pineapple, coconuts and pigs roasted over a big open fire. Some of the classes even made their own Lei's and grass skirts to take home (of course we had to practice our hula dancing too!). At the end of the week we had our own Luau where we pretended to roast our pigs that we made and we tasted some fresh pineapple. It was yummy!!

We also took some time to get to know each other a little better by catching the rolling ball and answering questions such as, "What is your favorite color?" or "Do you have any pets at home?"

Our crafts this week included making Lei's:


And of course Hula Skirts which turned out SO CUTE:

We are still learning about the color blue and this week we glued pieces of blue jeans onto paper jeans. We looove using glue!

We are also still focusing on circles - my younger group (who loves stickers!) put circle stickers onto a circle cut-out!

The older group stamped blue circles onto a paper plate (which of course is also a circle)!

We started our Science units this week! We learned about magnets and what they are attracted to. We sat around in a big circle, each with our own magnet. As I pulled items out of my paper sack, we each took turns testing them to see if they would "stick" to our magnets. We divided the items between two baskets: a basket for items that were metal and a basket for items which were not metal. I think the kids could have done this the entire class time! I also made some magnet fishing poles for the rice table and put some fish cut-outs with paperclip noses in so the kids could go "fishing". This was the most popular spot during free play!

During our first week of Math, we were busy! We used push-pins to trace numbers - the kids loved holding their papers up to the window to see the sun shining through all the little holes. They did a great job following the safety rules when using the sharp push-pins.

We also used playdoh to make patterns using different items such as screws, toy cars, cardboard tube, etc.

Finally, we used different sizes of squares and rectangles to create our very own piece of artwork!

Next week we will learn about the letter Nn - Nursery Rhymes! Stay tuned to see all of our hard work!

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