Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nn - Nursery Rhymes

We had a busy week! Quite a few of us that were hit with high fevers and that was NO FUN. Once things got back to normal, we had a lot of catching up to do.  In fact, we were so busy that I forgot to take pictures - and come to find out, the few times I did remember to take pictures I didn't have the memory card in the camera and I can't figure out if this camera has internal memory space or not. :(  BOO.  So after I re-cap our week, I'll post some pictures of us playing outside that I found on my phone.

This week was the letter Nn and Nursery Rhymes!  Nursery Rhymes are a lot of fun because they can be so silly sometimes. When learning Hey Diddle, Diddle we talked about how some things are real and some things are not real such as a cow jumping over the moon. We then played a game where I'd ask a question and if it was real, the kids would stand up! If it was not real, they sat down. Even the kids themselves were coming up with some pretty off the wall questions and then of course backing it up with something that WAS real. Lots of fun!

Our "walking spiders" that we made for Little Miss Muffet might have been our favorite craft. The spiders were as big as paper plates and each had a string attached to the center so they could be "walked" around the room. Of course, the one day we made them it was pretty darn windy and the legs were not completely dry and I think a few spiders lost a leg or two.

This was our last week learning about the color BLUE and CIRCLES. To incorporate them both into one craft, we taped down a piece of bubble wrap, covered it with blue paint and pressed a circle cut-out onto it. It was so cool seeing all of the little circles that were transferred onto our cut-out!

Finally, we also worked this week on sharing as well as being patient and waiting our turn which can be so hard to do! The kids each colored their own "Share Bear". Then they were divided into two groups. One child from each group would walk towards the center, trade Share Bear's and then walk back to the end of their line. After doing this two times each, we all learned that it makes everyone happy to share and when we're done playing with the toy that was shared with us, we need to make sure to return it.

We also sat in a circle and took turns turning over rocks trying to find the one with the bug sticker underneath it. Whoever found the sticker was then my helper to help me hide another bug sticker under a different rock while the rest of the group patiently waited with their eyes closed. This was tough for some!

Oh and our friend this week was Noah the newt! The kids LOVE our weekly friends and their silly songs!!

Noah the newt, newt, newt
Had a cool house, house, house
Inside a boot, boot, boot
He shared with a mouse, mouse, mouse

Caleb the Cat was the first friend we met:
Caleb the cat, cat, cat
Was a good cook, cook, cook
He cooked a rat, rat, rat
Inside a book, book, book

Larry the Lion was our second friend we met:
Larry the lion, lion, lion
Just couldn't sleep, sleep, sleep
He kept on tryin', tryin', tryin'
To count the sheep, sheep, sheep

We sing these songs over and over again!!

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