Monday, October 22, 2012

P - Pets

Before I start talking about our week of P-Pets, I want to share a few pictures from the previous week that I found!
We loooove playing outside and we loooove to race! I think our days of nice weather are numbered (there's snow in the forecast for next week!!) so we try to get outside as much as we can.
I love this photo of Alexis and Bruiser! Bruiser is very much loved by all of my preschoolers. They especially love it when he gets all excited and races around the backyard with them!

Khloe figured out that the beads can also fit on her fingers! She walked around with those beads on her fingers for the longest time.

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs! I think my bugs and the scoopers are one of my most popular table toys. Here Tyler is trying to fit as many bugs as he can into the bug jar.

This week was all about the letter Pp and Pets! Who doesn't love to talk about their pets?!  We talked about every kind of pet from dogs to fish to snakes (ewww!)!!

Adalyn, Alex, and Maddie show off their puppy puppets that they made. :)

We also practiced our cutting and gluing skills by making a collage of animals that we would like to have for pets. Let's just say that there were a number of "interesting" pets chosen!


I didn't get a picture taken of the kids using their hands to mix some red and yellow paint together to make orange, but once the two colors were mixed up they pressed a large leaf cut-out onto the paint. They turned out so neat! On some of them you could even see some bits of red and yellow that didn't quite get mixed up. This craft was an easy one and definitely put us in the mood for Fall!

Of course it just wouldn't be right if we didn't have POPCORN for snack when learning about the letter Pp!

You know what else starts with Pp??  PLAY-DOH!!  The kids played with their Play-doh and the different tools for the longest time.

I started sending home Math Bags this week. These are little bags just big enough for each preschooler to fit six of the same item into. They don't need to be the same color, same size, etc. - just the same KIND of item (i.e. - six rocks, six cars, six pencils, etc.). When they bring their Math Bags back on their next school day, we all sit around my graphing chart and take turns laying out what we brought. It's fun to see if everybody brought something different or if two or more friends brought the same kind of item!

We loved watching our caterpillars grow, build cocoons, and then turn into butterflies. We also used magnifying glasses to study different REAL bugs such as grasshoppers, worms, and roly-poly's!

Part of our math this week was filling in the numbers 2 & 3 with all sorts of fun stuff!

And finally, our reading corner has become quite popular lately. The kiddo's love to pull my blankets out and get all cozy while reading or being read to!


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