Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Columbus Day!

During the week that Columbus Day fell on, we didn't learn a new letter, color, shape, etc. Instead we talked about Christopher Columbus and reviewed what we have learned so far! I also let each class have lots of extra play time.

The Friday morning class had a special visitor who was there to help me - my son, Kiegan!  The kids all loved having him there and he was such a good sport by playing with them all.

It was also an exciting week for my Tuesday/Thursday "young 3's" class who were introduced to my rice table! Not sure if I've mentioned my rice table much, but I have two very simple rules for it. #1 - Only two friends at a time are allowed to play at it. #2 - Please keep the rice IN the rice table. When I first took the lid off for them to see what was inside, it was somewhat chaotic because everybody wanted to jump right in! But they quickly got the hang of it and do a wonderful job waiting for their turn. Keeping the rice in the table is something we're still working on though. :)

Other popular play areas include my tub of building trinkets (which really should have come with more than one hammer, if you ask me) and anything puzzle related!

Painting is also an all-time favorite!

Of course to go along with our Christopher Columbus week, we had to make Spyglass Telescopes!

And it wouldn't be right to learn about his voyage if we didn't make pictures of his ship sailing across the ocean!

We reviewed our shape of the month - diamond - by making some diamond necklaces.

And we reviewed the color orange in the most delicious way by snacking on Orange Floats!

Finally, here are some random pictures of us from the week!


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