Monday, December 31, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is having a fun/safe New Year's Eve!

I am REALLY lacking in photos for our week of Christmas. I let the classes have quite a bit of free play time and the week was generally very laid back and easy going. There was some gift exchanging, movie watching, and popcorn eating!

We did make a few crafts as well!

Snowflake ornament:

Handprint ornament which I'm bummed to see that all of the paint is chipping off of Maddie's. I assume everybody else's did the same thing. :( If I do this particular craft again, I will have to use a different kind of paint OR put a coating of something on top of the paint to prevent that from happening. What a bummer because they're so CUTE!

Here's another snowman ornament:

And finally, these super cute snowman:

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