Sunday, December 30, 2012


Our week of Halloween was full of reviewing the letters, colors, and shapes that we have already learned about.

We celebrated Halloween on Tuesday and Wednesday by having our class parties! We had a few crafts that we worked on, but I think the most exciting part for the kiddo's was watching Halloween cartoons on Miss Heather's TV! We snacked on some popcorn while watching Dora, Diego, Blues Clues, etc. We ended our costume party by taking turns passing out treats that everyone brought to share with their friends. :) Enjoy the pics of our busy Halloween week!

We listened to a little story about Closet Monsters and afterwards discussed whether or not they were real or pretend. After our discussion, I asked them to draw me a picture using chalk and black construction paper of what they think a closet monster looks like!

Something else we worked on this week was stuffing a lunch sack with newspaper to make pumpkins, rolling marbles around to make spiderwebs, and making styrofoam spiders!

The older groups also played a fun game of Halloween Bingo! And yes, they got to eat the candy corn when we were done playing. ;o)

The younger groups got to work on their large and small motor skills (although they just thought they were having fun)!

On our party days, we did a little bit of work before the fun began. :)




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