Sunday, December 30, 2012


Let's kick off this post with this cute picture of Maddie and Addyson. All of my girls LOVE to dress up at play time!

We made quite a few crafts during the week of Thanksgiving. I am a HUGE fan of Pinterest (to the point of obsession, I think). I tend to have a hard time narrowing down which crafts we should tackle!

First up....turkeys! The kids always giggle when they hear we're making a craft out of toilet paper rolls....LOL

You can't celebrate Thanksgiving without making your own Indian vest!

The picture below cracks. me. up. I believe Warren was VERY tired on this particular day as he kept doing this or he would just sit with his eyes closed. LOL

This week also marked our last week with our good friend, Leo, whose family moved to Wisconsin. His classmates still ask about him on a regular basis!
And this picture below is why I love my preschool families! Many of them know we are a die-hard red tractor family (Case IH) so my green tractor (John Deere) families like to razz me - as much as I like to razz them. My dear little Tyler gave me this wonderful note about what he is thankfor for:
The day before our Thanksgiving break, we had our own little feast that morning! Before we enjoyed our feast, I had the kids make their own placemats that they could take home and use at their own family Thanksgiving. I also ready them a little story called "Thanksgiving Story Bracelet". They each had a certain number and color of beads that they had to string onto their bracelet as they heard each color mentioned in the story. I think this will be something I do with all of the older classes at Thanksgiving time!

Finally it was time to enjoy our delicious feast! We had cornucopia's full of fruit and even a turky....full of popcorn!! The kids thought it was AWESOME!

Finally by the end of our short week, our turkey was VERY colorful!

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