Monday, December 31, 2012

Rr - Rainbows

Rainbows and triangles go together, right? They do when you turn your triangle into a colorful rainbow!

Our Science Time that we did this week with the older classes was a Skittles Experiment (thanks Pinterest)! They were divided into two teams and each team had three different colors of Skittles that were very carefully placed in a plate of water. The #1 rule was DON'T BUMP YOUR PLATE! The kids loved watching the colors melt off of the candy and slowly work its way around the plate. Once a color met another color - they both just stopped and didn't mix! Eventually even the S's on top of the Skittles floated to the top of the water. So cool!!

Afterwards, I had the kids color what they saw happening!

P.S. - The papers of red paint in the middle of the table was another super cool activity we did. I put a blob of paint in the middle of a pre-folded piece of paper and the kids folded it back up and then pressed and pressed the paint around. Afterwards, they each took turns carefully unfolding their papers and the pictures they each had were AWESOME! They just couldn't get over that each paint blob turned out to actually look like something! We had butterflies, birds, leaves, etc. Definitely another fun project!

To go along with our week of Rr - Rainbows, I had the older groups make a rainbow book! Each page was a different color of the rainbow and they were to look through magazines and cut out pictures of things they could find that matched the colors of each page.

ALL of my classes LOVE to play with Play-Doh! Here are some super cute and fun pictures of my younger classes have a good time with their Play-Doh. :)

The older classes have started to play school during their free play time and it is so fun to listen to them!

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