Monday, December 31, 2012

Mm - Me!

Up to this week, we had been learning bits and pieces about our body: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin, hair, etc. We kicked off this week by talking about things that we all had in common and what made us each different and special! Then we took turns weighing ourselves, measuring how tall we were, and feeling our heart beat (especially after running in place as fast as we could!).

We also made very simple pictures of our family with cutout people and crayons!

The younger groups got to paint a cutout of child representing themselves!

Another fun project that the older groups were able to do was to decorate a life-size tracing of themselves. This was a lot of fun for them! (Although probably not the funnest project for parents to have at home. LOL) This particular project did take up our entire dining room and unfortunately our cats and dogs ruined some of them. :(

We also made handprint plates that each class painted after they dried!

We did some more small motor practice with tweezers and pom poms. :)

Math Time for the older groups consisted of small bathroom cups with the number 1-10 written on them and then a bowl of beans. This let them practice recognizing their numbers plus counting the correct number of beans to put into each cup. The 1-1 counting of the beans was a bit of a challenge so we will be visiting this activity again!

I also made some new sensory bottles (thanks to Pinterest of course)! There are a couple of alphabet search bottles, a number search bottle, magnetic bottles, static electricty bottle, sink/float bottle, etc. Fun!

We filled our bulletin board with a baby picture of everybody plus a current picture. BUT before I put them up on the board, we had to match the baby picture to the right person!

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